Global Economic Update

НазваGlobal Economic Update
Дата конвертації05.05.2013
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  • Global Economic Update


  • Financial crisis is having dramatic, instantaneous effects on production and trade in virtually every country.

  • Although initially private sectors are hit, fiscal pressures will quickly intensify.

  • Risk of balance-of-payment crises are substantial.

Financing climate changed dramatically after September 2008 as confidence sunk

The heartbeat of the global economy

The heartbeat of the global economy

The heartbeat of the global economy

World production collapses

Sharp declines in IP across the world, especially in economies specialized in investment goods

Sharp fall in growth in developing world

World economy contracting for the first time on record

Even if growth turns positive again, the level of GDP will remain well below potential and economic distress acute

General Government Balance

External financing gaps are concentrated in three regions: ECA, LAC and SSA…

ECA oil importing countries current account balance %GDP

Developing countries need support

  • To mitigate the impact on most vulnerable in societies

  • To avert balance-of-payment crises

  • To alleviate fiscal pressures

  • To restore growth dynamics


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